There are a number of reasons for you to have a trust. Some of which you may already know, and some that you have not considered or of which you are unaware. At Stohlman Law Firm, we would like to assist you in understanding all of the benefits of creating a trust, for both you and your loved ones.

The two most important elements for your estate planning include a Last Will and Testament (your Will), and the creation of one or more trusts to administer your legacy properly. A trust can help to avoid probate proceedings and court dates. It can help to reduce taxes, and give you total control over your assets. Trusts protect your family and heirs, as well as provide a vehicle to the division of complex assets that you leave to your loved ones.

Perhaps the most important reason for proper Estate Planning, creating trusts and recording your Last Will and Testament is to help your heirs, family and loved ones avoid long proceedings regarding the probate laws and probate court. These problems are very unwelcome, especially immediately after your passing in a very difficult emotional time. You will also avoid all of the fees that are associated with a probate proceeding and probate court.


We have discussed just some of the benefits of proper Estate Planning and the advantages of a Last Will and Testament and one or more trusts to administer your legacy. Other important reasons include:  Reductions in Estate Taxes (tax planning), better control over your assets and how they are disbursed, lower costs overall including maintenance costs as well as costs that will be incurred in probate court, planning for the unfortunate circumstance of being unable to make decisions at or near end of life, and special provisions in the case of special needs children, infirm children and relatives. Call us and schedule a no-obligation consultation and let us at Stohlman Law Firm show you all of the benefits of investigating a Will, or Trust, for you and your loved ones.


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