Foreclosure can be a devastating reality for many families. It is terrifying to face the possibility of losing one’s home. And if your delinquent mortgage is accompanies by other types of past due debt, it is not uncommon to be completely overwhelmed. If you believe this may happen to you, it is imperative that you seek an experienced attorney as soon as possible, to protect your rights and to review your options to stop the downward spiral and get your financial situation under control and get your life back.

There are a number of things that a homeowners can do to protect themselves during a foreclosure. In general, you only have 20 (Twenty) days to respond to a foreclosure lawsuit. This is a very short time frame, and you will need a qualified attorney to maximize your protections under Florida Law. Even if you have not been served with the actual lawsuit, you do not want to wait until it actually happens. If you are behind on your mortgage you need assistance now!

The absolute WORST thing you can do if you are behind on your mortgage to to do NOTHING. The prospect of possibly losing one’s home can paralyze a person with indecision. Many people believe that it will cost too much to consult with an attorney regarding their situation. At Stohlman Law Firm LLC, we are committed to helping all homeowners to determine the best course of action to protect their families and their home. Our initial consultations are ALWAYS FREE, and we will never pressure you to retain our services. We are here to help.


A well-defended foreclosure proceeding can result in months, or even YEARS, before you would have to relinquish possession of your home. A proper defense would include restructuring your mortgage, which in most cases makes the modified payment much more affordable as well as bring you to current status with your mortgage loan. And there is always the option to walk away from the home months or years after paying no mortgage payments at all and acquire a new home or other living situation. Bankruptcy may be the correct solution, but only a complete review of your current situation will help us determine the best course of action for you.


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