Originally from Ohio, James attended law school in Orlando, Florida, and since graduation has championed consumers’ rights throughout Florida. James has focused his practice on enforcing clients’ rights under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Crediting Reporting Act, Federal Truth in Lending Act, and state consumer protection statutes. He also assists in the representation of consumers who have filed for bankruptcy protection.

Financial hardship is something that anyone can face, regardless of income or background. Extensive debt can be devastating financially as well as emotionally. Today, many people from all walks of life have lost a job, incurred credit card debt in order to meet their monthly obligations, or are buried in medical bills. Regardless of whether you are facing excessive debt or just cannot keep up with your regular bills, there is a viable solution and you do not have to continue facing an overwhelming financial burden alone.

The opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, listen to stories of hardship, and to work with people to find a resolution to their issues has been a great learning experience for me.

“Financial disaster doesn’t have to mean you’re defeated,” says James.

“In fact, filing bankruptcy is often the first step to a better financial future than many of my clients would ever have achieved; with higher credit scores, more money in the bank, and more confidence and self-esteem than they believed possible.  It can really be a life-changing thing.”

I can help you get back on your feet, wipe the slate clean, and receive a fresh start. The bankruptcy process can seem tedious and overwhelming, with never-ending paperwork and legal requirements, but with my assistance, I can lead you through the process towards a debt-free future. With top-notch customer service and personal care as our goal, you are not just a number or a file, but a person who needs the attention and respect that your problems deserve.

I have successfully handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases, helping individuals overcome financial burdens, eliminating debts completely, or helping them create repayment plans. Our bankruptcy team is full of honest, dedicated, and compassionate advocates, who will fight to help their clients get the new financial beginning that they deserve.

Outside of work, James is an avid Ohio sports fan and enjoys following the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cincinnati Reds. When James isn’t in the office he also enjoys spending time with his fiancé, friends, and family.


  • Barry University, School of Law


  • Ohio State University
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Cincinnati Reds